Participants' feedback

Participants' feedback

  • Stephane/ producer (France)

"This Workshop is definitively a “must do”. The rhythm is high but alternation between plenary, group work and round tables is very accurate. I found everything I was looking for and even more, and my expectations were very high. Thank you."

  • Samm/ producer (UK)

"This workshop demystified many of the issues that I had with the post process.  I don’t pretend to understand everything but this course did allow me to access certain concepts that I had not previously."

  • Aldrina/ producer (Venezuela)

"Post-production was like the Twilight Zone and now I feel confident about the whole process and can talk properly about it when negotiating with co-producers and when I'm talking to members of the crew."

  • Meike/ post-production supervisor (Germany)

"Great workshop, I would advise to participate."

  • Maja/ post-production supervisor (Croatia)

"The workshop exceeded my expectations first and foremost in the quantity of content it covered. Furthermore, all the trainers were key experts in their field and very open to sharing their know-how. And last but not least, it was intensive but fun."

  • Marta/ post-production supervisor (Spain)

"It was a very interesting experience for me. Not only because you learn a lot from the experts but also because you share experiences through almost a week with people from a lot of countries."


Participants' feedback

  • Anita (Post-production supervisor, Austria)

"The entire workshop was exceedingly well organised. The level of expertise of the invited speakers was really high, and most presentations were highly engaging. Great job, all of you!!! Thank you."

  • Claudia (Producer, Germany)

"Merci, merci, merci for the tough organisation! The schedule showed how much work was put into it!!!"

  • Juan-Pablo (Producer, Sweden)

"Everything was very good: The hospitality, the networking, the relevance of the workshop’s content and the expertise and generosity of the experts."

  • Ozcar (Producer, Mexico)

"I found great collaborators in several ways. It is a great networking chance."

  • Yoya (Post-production supervisor, Spain)

"I have really enjoyed it from a professional and technical point of view, considering how much I’ve learned and the great bunch of people I’ve met in terms of networking."

  • Aleksandra (Producer, Poland)

"It has been a great experience and I got a lot of expertise for my work as producer. THANK YOU!"

  • Zdenka (Producer, Croatia)

"All was really great! The only thing that was missing was time. Thank you for creating EP2C, the unforgettable experience."

  • Luca (Producer, Italy)

Please, keep on going with this workshop: it's effective, very useful and very well organised.


Participants' feedback

  • Nathalie (Belgium)
    "It’s still stunning that we could all head up with such a busy and fully planned schedule. This is something that couldn’t be realizable without a very good organisation, efficient work and most important skilled people."
  • Mano (Belgium)
    Interview of Mano on Cluster Twist website.
  • Agnès (France)
  • Aga (Poland)
    "It was very well organized, the programme was packed and at the end I was a bit exhausted by the intensity of the 6day tight schedule, but I got exhaustive information in return. I was impressed even more so considering that it was the first edition of the EP2C. Keep it up. You did a great job. Good luck with future editions! Respect!"
  • Kjersti (Norway)
    "Very useful workshop. Keep going and good luck!
  • Sabine (Austria)
    "I congratulate you on having had this brilliant idea and having realised this workshop. I am really happy to have participated in this first edition and I am already spreading word to future participants of future editions!
I would love to meet up with all of you and us at one of the industry meetings / festivals.
All the best, to all of the team - it was great!"
  • Kuba (Poland)
    "The overall idea of EP2C is brilliant. It went very well. The logistics and workflow of the workshop itself was as close to perfect as possible. I believe everyone came out of it satisfied!